Big L - In Memory Of Big L - Vol. 2 (2008)

ARTIST : Big L, J-Love
TITLE : In Memory Of Big L - Vol. 2
GENRE : Hip Hop
YEAR : 2008
SIZE : 99,59 MB

1. Danger Zone Produced By J-Love
2. Ebonics DJ Premier Remix
3. Way Of Life Featuring Fat Joe
4. Now Or Never (Unreleased)
5. Games Females Play (Unreleased)
6. Who Slidin With (Original Version) (Unreleased)
7. Thick Featuring A.G. & O.C
8. Fall Back Featuring Kool G Rap
9. Where You At Featuring Big Pun (Unreleased)
10. Platinum Plus Featuring Big Daddy Kane
11. Flamboyant (Unreleased)
12. Back In My Hood Featuring Party Artie (Unreleased)
13. Hit It (Unreleased)
14. The Nicest Featuring Big Pun 2 Pac Notorious B.I.G (Unreleased)
15. Live At The Spot Featuring Royal Flush
16. All Love Featuring Fat Joe Lord Finesse A.G.
17. Stand Strong Featuring Ditc
18. Dignified Soldiers Featuring Ditc
19. Shit Is Real Freestyle (Unreleased)
20. Fucking With Remix Featuring Ditc
21. Uptown Kids Featuring McGruff Mase Camron
22. Get Your Featuring Ditc
23. Fed Up With The Bullshit
24. You Know What IM About Featuring Lord Finesse



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